Portrait symbiosis

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Step-by-step demonstration of creating a female portrait using a free technique with elements of unique style.
Demonstration of creating a female portrait from reference with detailed comments and conversation with the Artist, questions from the audience and honest detailed answers.

Gang Pansuay
Thailand, oil
25 $
You will learn to:
Secrets of the original technique
Lifehacks useful for creating a portrait from the reference
Nuance of working with oil paints
To paint a female portrait from the reference from scratch adding special effects
How to combine materials
About the artist:
Gang Pansuay
Gang Pansuay is an incredibly talented artist from Thailand. The unbridled imaginative force, precision in conveying emoting and rich color of his portraits are astonishing. Even though it is difficult to achieve purity and lightness of paints and undertones using oil paints (a thick and heavy material), Gang has been extremely successful in it. During his demo class the Artist consecutively demonstrated the specifics of working in the oil technique while making a female portrait from the reference.