Modern perusal
of classic portrait

Online class
2, 5 hours
The video record remains with you after the class
The unusual and provocative technique of the British artist Ben Ashton gained him the prominence and recognition of the art community. In his works the portrait painter reasons upon the relationship between the past and the present, offering the public a new interpretation of the canonical painting genre. During the class, Ben will gradually create a painting in his own style, starting with a traditional monochrome male portrait, and then giving it a modern sound with various techniques.
24 september, 12:00
Ben Ashton
Great Britain, oil
43 $
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You will learn to:
Work using the multilayer technique
Mix paint to render the true skin tone
Turn a classic realistic portrait into a modern art piece
Give the portrait depth and volume without drawing the background and details
Use various techniques to dissolve the paints partially and create the downflow effect
About the artist:
Ben Ashton
In his paintings, which have deep philosophical underlying message, Ben explores the cultural interaction of the past and the present, pouring ridicule on British grandiosity and Victorian manners. Ben Ashton's works are exhibited in the United States, England and Germany, and the artist twice won the title of the best portraitist according to the National Portrait Gallery in London.
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