Studying period:
4 lessons
Syahmi Daud

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Theory and practice of perspective drawing
We suppose you understand how important is to analyze and construct objects in space. All masterpieces are based on basic things. The email course includes 4 lessons. You will receive them right via your email.. And we sure you: those 4 lessons and tasks will upgrade your skills and make you inspired.
Syahmi Daud is the curator of his own course. The master checks the students' homework and gives his comments.

Urban designer who has chosen his own way of self-expression in creating architectural sketches. Advanced skills in perspective drawing allows you to create realistic objects in all angles.

The artist believes that sketching is similar to the art of photography. Architectural and street sketches capture the fleeting moment, emotion and details of the city.
Syahmi Daud

Programm of the course:

Day 1
Webinar «Basics of Perspective Drawing» with Syahmi Daud
We are starting with basic things of perspective drawing.
Syahmi will teach you the different types of perspective with one and two points of view on the practice. Also he will share his artist's lifehacks about sketching and everyday drawing.

Day 2
The special task «Boxes»
You will practice 3 exercises with different vanishing points and understand the rule about the sense of depth.
Day 3
Step-by-step interior sketch
Learn how to depict a chair in a simple sketching technique with the artist Katerina Po.
You will learn to manage a small composition from objects inside and color them using knowledge of harmony and shadows.

Day 4
The sketching exercise «Interior»
To study the materials that will be required in the course and create a perspective using an example of a room interior and a simple exterior. To add our first watercolor fills, work with contrasts, textures and shadows.

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