3 months

Conceptual illustration

An online course by a commercial illustrator from Italy will help you learn how to create conceptual illustrations manually and using digital tools. During five training modules, with the help of an experienced mentor-teacher, you will pass all the way from developing an idea to drawing the final accents and coordinating the image with the customer. Learn a new profession and realize yourself as an illustrator!
Marco Melgrati
6 months
Access to materials

This course is for you if you are:

The beginner artist

The course of Marco Melgrati is perfect for those who are just trying themselves in painting, because training does not require prior skills and is available even to a beginner.

Art lover

Learn to express your thoughts and ideas in artistic language using various materials and digital tools.

Professional artist

Сourse will help you to learn how to use the tools for creating digital illustrations and how to work out the concept and present the work to the client.

Applicant and art student

Applicants and students of art universities will learn how to solve professional artistic tasks easier and faster and master the profession of illustrator, which will allow you to earn in parallel with higher art education.
To turn illustrations onto paper from a digital tablet
To use a variety of art materials in your work
To use Photoshop to create digital illustrations
To mix colors for a unique author's palette
To create conceptual illustrations taking into account the customer's terms of reference
To create an illustration idea
Learning outcomes:

You will learn

The module is dedicated to meeting the course teacher and the specifics of working as a commercial illustrator. Result: We got acquainted with the teacher and listened to a lecture on commercial illustration.

Module 2: Practice. Base.
As part of the practical module, you will get acquainted with the technique of creating commercial illustrations using digital and artistic tools and gradually pass the path from forming the idea of future work to its implementation.
Module 3: Practice. Sketching
In this section, you will learn how to turn a customer's technical specification into a ready-made conceptual illustration, and learn how to create quick sketches on a digital tablet using Photoshop.
+2 modules, download the full program to see the details.
Marco Melgrati
The freelance illustrator, originally from Italy, collaborates with The Washington Times, GQ Magazine, Politico, Corriere della Sera, Marie Claire, The Boston Globe and other newspapers and magazines, as well as various advertising agencies. His digital illustrations poke fun at the vices and mores of modern society, which has earned Marco fame and a reputation as a modern caricature artist. In his work, the artist uses digital tools and shares knowledge and skills with students.


Teacher's paintings

The way we teach

Get a certificate

After passing all homework, you receive a licensed certificate of completion of the education, if you have chosen the "Training with a teacher" access option.
Tasks open at the end of each block. Your drawings are evaluated by a professional artist or curator. Completing homework is a necessity for moving to the next block.

You do homework

You watch video tutorials

After payment, you get access to your personal account and watch video tutorials recorded together with the artist at any convenient time from any device.

With a teacher

Homework check: 3 months
2 final works
Certificate of completion the course
Without checking by a teacher
6 months of access to all videos
List of materials
Lessons in HD quality
List of materials
2 final works
180 $
100 $

By yourself


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